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In 1904, a group of Holdrege businessmen gathered to talk about the benefits of working together for their common good and the good of the community.

Holdrege was 20 years old, growing and prosperous. If they pooled resources, they reasoned, they could do far more than any of them could on their own.

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Jul 29, 2015

There is still time to invest in yourself AND your business!

Holdrege The PK EDGE Class (Enhancing, Developing and Growing Entrepreneurs) is a business development course designed for new ...


Jul 29, 2015

LB840 Questions Answered at Phelps County Fair

HOLDREGE – Community volunteers educated the public at the Phelps County Fair about an upcoming special election to renew ...


Jul 28, 2015

S & W Napa Auto Parts

by Sierra Klein Growing up in Holdrege, I would sometimes accompany my dad down to NAPA Auto Parts. The real reason ...


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The School Year Never Ends at ESU #11 The School Year Never Ends at ESU #11

By Elena Olson King

At Holdrege Elementary School, teachers are moving into their new classrooms, arranging desks, and writing lesson plans. Nearby, the clinics in Holdrege give last-minute physical exams for teenagers who want to participate in football, basketball, or cross country. Meanwhile, parents in town are shopping, buying new backpacks, pencils, and markers. They hold up shirts and jeans to their children, amazed at how quickly they have grown. In Holdrege and all across the state, it is "back-to-school" time and parents and teachers are doing their best to prepare.


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